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Product review : Empire Covers - Silvershark

Date: 08/20/11

     The Silver Shark cover is designed to protect your boat from all types of weather and constructed of 300 Denier Polyester for long lasting durability.  Durability that is also backed up by Empire Cover's full 3 year warranty.

It's not only 100% waterproof, but it's also trailerable to help protect your boat against the elements while traveling down the road.

Silvershark cover installed

These are semi-custom covers that provide a snug fit at an affordable price.  Empire's online cover selector makes it easy to find the right cover for your particular boat.

Silvershark Cover by Empire Covers

Since they are lightweight, installation is easy and they come with a nice carry bag to store your cover in when not in use.  One nice surprise was that the buckles and straps come pre-assembled unlike some of the other covers on the market which can be a real time-saver.

Carry Bag, Straps and Buckles

As with most products, the instructions aren't the clearest to understand.  But once you sort out which straps go where, it goes on quickly and snugly.  

The only challenge we experienced was due to the way our particular trailer was made that prevented the straps from being brought in underneath the boat in a couple of locations.  But we adapted the straps to use the factory installed eyebolts on the trailer.

Overall, the Silver Shark is a price competitive option to a custom cover.  It's a well constructed cover that fits snugly and is guaranteed to protect your boat from the elements.  The quality of workmanship was flawless and all backed up by Empire Cover's product warranty.

For more information about the Silvershark boat cover or any of Empire Cover's other product lines, visit them at:



Reviewed By Kerry Lloyd

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